Ask Terry Questions How to buy gold and silver

How to buy gold and silver

By Terry Savage on October 21, 2018 | Wild Card

how and where is the best place to buy gold or silver. is it better to buy silver over gold thank you

Terry Says

I should probably write another column about buying precious metals. I’ve always preferred gold over silver, because silver’s price also depends on industrial demand, while gold is strictly a hedge against monetary devaluation.

There are several ways to own gold. YOu can buy mutual funds that invest in gold mining companies. Try the ones at or (Full disclosure, I own both.)

Or you can buy an exchange traded fund (symbol: GLD) that tracks the price of gold on an instantaneous basis. (I own that, too!)

Or you can buy bullion coins (not coins with numismatic value — but only based on the gold content) such as the American Eagle or Canadian Maple leaf. The price at any given mooment should only be a few percentage points above the cash or “spot” price of gold. Check that out at

Be sure to TAKE DELIVERY of your coins — and bring them immediately to a safe deposit box. I never recommend leaving your coins with the dealer, nor do I think it is safe to store these valuable coins at home.



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