Ask Terry Questions How to find status of offer to compromise

How to find status of offer to compromise

By Terry Savage on June 16, 2024 | Taxes & Economy

My son has filed an offer to compromise with the IRS. WE cannot get anywhere to find out the status. In the meantime his intrest payments continue to gow. Any help here would be greatly appreciated.

Terry Says

A lot depends on exactly HOW your son filed — online, snail mail with a form.  If he didn’t follow the proper procedure,  that offer might be filed “nowhere”!

I can’t give you specific tax advice in this situation. And I suggest he talk to a professional –a CPA, to review his situation.  And be careful of the many “services” that promise to “solve” your tax problems.  Often then can get you into deeper trouble.

For starters and to completely understand how tough it is to get a settlement, I suggest you read this article:

IRS Offer in Compromise: Everything You Need to Know | Taxes | U.S. News (



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