Ask Terry Questions how to invest and diversify

how to invest and diversify

By Terry Savage on June 26, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

With todays high stock market values how would you recommend a novice, 40 year old, investor to move a $125,000.00 dollars out of money markets to more profitable investments. This will ultimately be the basis for retirement.

Terry Says

I would recommend you do so very carefully and very slowly!  We are at all-time market highs and there are some warning signs out there.  I don’t know how you suddenly came into this kind of money, but putting it all into the stock market at one time is likely to be a horrible mistake.  Think about how you’d feel if you lost half of it!

Next, I would ask a lot of questions about your lifestyle and your income.  Are you already contributing to a retirement plan at work?  Are you earning an income, and thus eligible to open an IRS for a $7,000 tax deduction (or even a non-deductible Roth IRA)?

The more I start thinking about all the questions I would want to ask before making a recommendation, the more I think you should have a session with a FEE-ONLY FIDUCIARY financial advisor, who is NOT trying to sell you something!  The ONLY way I can guarantee you won’t fall into the wrong hands, is if you go through the Wealthramp process.  So please click on this link: Pam Krueger Wealthramp – Terry Savage

This is the way to start planning for your future, beyond investments and using some strategic thinking based on your lifestyle, goals, family issues, etc.  I promise you this will be cheap tuition.  If you just start asking “advice” out there, you will pay some very expensive lessons for sure!




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