Ask Terry Questions How to pay a medical bill

How to pay a medical bill

By Terry Savage on April 22, 2024 | Wild Card

I need dental work that will cost me $6,500.00. I do not know the best way to pay for this.
I could pay the full amount in cash. I have absolutely no credit card debt. Should I pay the full amount in cash or put the full amount on a 18 month free no interest credit card that my Chase Bank says I qualify for . (I was planning on using the cash money to remodel a bathroom in my home).
Note: I have been listening to you since you use to appear on one of our Chicago TV stations. please advise. Thank you so much

Terry Says

If this doesn’t use up all your liquid assets, you should pay upfront. It’s always best to keep things current. But, you could ask your dentist if there is a “discount for cash” up front! If you pay by credit card, they probably lose 3% of the money to fees. So maybe say you’re willing to write a check vs paying by credit card, and see if they will give you a slight break on the fee!!



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