Ask Terry Questions How woman over 50 can make next career move.

How woman over 50 can make next career move.

By Terry Savage on May 15, 2019 | Wild Card

How can a female baby boomer with a strong background in finance/corporate treasury convince employees she isn’t an antique? It has been very hard at this age to make my next career move. Would love to read an article (or book) from you on that!

Terry Says

I wish I had a simple answer for you. The big thing you have going for you is that businesses can’t afford to be picky about age (and, of course, it’s illegal).  But with unemployment so low, there is a real demand out there for your skills.  You just have to get out there — both online at job search websites and by calling and asking — to find job openings.   My mother always said “age is just a number, dear” — and now I know what she meant!

As an aside, I’m speaking to the Windy City Treasury Management Association in Chicago next Tuesday morning.  I never know where these posts come from, but if you’re from Chicago, send me an email at and I’ll invite you as my guest.  Then you can network with the entire profession of corporate treasury executives!



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