Ask Terry Questions Husband’s Social Security if deceased

Husband’s Social Security if deceased

By Terry Savage on April 09, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My husband at 91 gets Social Security monthly. Would I be entitled to his Social Security at his death? I have received a small Social Security amount since I was 62. I have an insurance annuity monthly of $58.00 from a life insurance company and a small pension from my last position with Seminole County Schools. Is there any reason that I could not receive his Social Security if he passes. I don’t know how to apply for it at this point.

Terry Says

The fact that you have a public pension eats into the SS benefits you could get. I suggest you immediately go to — pay the $39, and get the correct answer. My research says the odds of SS giving you the correct amount are very low!
Let me know if you have a problem doing that, and please write back to the email you’re getting saying your question has been answered, giving me your telephone number if you need help figuring it out. I’ll pass it on to the team at Maximize.

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