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By Terry Savage on December 11, 2023 | Chicken Money

I purchased a $10,000 I Bond July 1 2022. Today I checked my Treasury Direct account and see that it appears the fixed portion of my bond was 0% and that stays with the bond as long as I hold it. The new issue I Bond are issued with a 1.3% fixed portion. I realize there is a 3 month penalty to sell my current bond but I am thinking I should sell that and repurchase a bond to capture the higher fixed portion going forward. This assumes I want to hang onto an i bond as a go-forward holding which I think I do.

Is this thinking sound or am I missing something?
Thank you.

Terry Says

Actually, I recently wrote a column explaining how to deal with that decision.
Read this: https://www.terrysavage.com/i-bond-rate-update-and-some-advice/



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