Ask Terry Questions I-Bond and Roth IRA

I-Bond and Roth IRA

By Terry Savage on June 17, 2024 | Investments

My I-bond has made $970 in 2 years
Is it time to cash in and buy a t-bill instead?
And, I would like to get my 25 year old “working” granddaughter into a Roth IRA using Vanguard
Any suggestions?
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Terry Says

Well, I bonds are designed to adjust based on inflation. And despite popular perceptions, inflation is down now to just over 3%. So the adjustments going forward will be mild.  I’ve suggested you might want to pay the taxes — and be sure to hold for one year, to avoid the loss of 3 months’ interest.

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As for the Roth IRA, if your granddaughter is working now, you might tell her you’ll open the account for her –and “match” her contributions, up to the income levels allowed.  And yes, she can contribute to both a 40l(k) at work AND a Roth IRA, subject to her earnings and income levels.

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