I bonds

By Terry Savage on May 02, 2024 | Chicken Money

My bond was purchased in August of 22, currently has int rate of 3.94%
Value is $11,000.
Do you recommend cashing in and repurchasing new I bonds ? The info I read talked about purchase in November 22
Loved seeing you at the Cornerstone shop in LG – we didn’t chat but I was listening in as you met with a few other ladies.

Terry Says

Ha!  I was glad to be there.  Did you read my latest article — just posted this week when the new rates came out?

Here’s a link:  I-Bond Update – and Advice – Terry Savage

Now, starting May 1st, you’ll only earn 2.98%!   At this point, although it’s not a lot of money, you might as well take the 3 months interest penalty and switch to either new I-bonds with the 1.3% floor plus adjustment, per the article.  Or T-bills.



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