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I-Bonds/Social Security

By Terry Savage on January 29, 2024 | Wild Card

Hi Terry,

I bought 10,000 in I Bonds when they were at 9.62%. Do you still recommend selling and then rebuying? Is it correct that I put the money in a zero interest C of I, then rebuy using that as the source of funds?

By the way, I wrote to you about whether I could get Medicare after a lung transplant even though I’m under 65. Turns out I’m considered on disability for 3 years after transplant, and that entitles me to Medicare A & B. Since I will be off disability by the time I turn 65, would you advise that I wait to take regular Social Security until I’m 70?

Terry Says

Whew, that’s a long and complicated story. Just hold on to your I-bonds now. The rate is lower, but it’s accumulating nicely and you don’t have to change them.

Second, your decision to take SS at 70 is based on longevity. I wish you a long life of good health with your transplant, but in your case you might want to take SS at your full retirement age.



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