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Identity Theft Protection

By Terry Savage on July 02, 2024 | Wild Card

I enrolled in Identity Guard protection service. To complete the enrollment so they can properly monitor my accounts, I was asked for my Log In credentials to my accounts, e.g. bank, credit cards, etc. using Plaid. Is this safe? Is this how Identity Protections services work?
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Terry Says

Instead of paying for Identity Protection, I recommend freezing your accounts at the three credit bureaus.

Read this:  Identity Theft – What To Do! – Terry Savage

That keeps people from opening NEW credit in your name -=- and lets you know if anyone tries to change an address, adjust an account, etc.

Then keep your bank and credit card IDs security in a password protector such as Dashlane.  Password Manager for Home, Mobile and Business | Dashlane

Then go online and check activity in your accounts via a secure network at home (not using wifi in a coffee shop!).

That should keep you safe.  EVERYONE’s identity is in play these days.



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