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IDES Fraud after spouse’s death

By Terry Savage on January 12, 2021 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

My husband received a letter from IDES stating he was eligible to certify for beneits and he would be receiving a debit card in the which he has received. My husband passed away 7 years ago. I went on the IDES website to the fradulent claims part but I don”t know if I’m supposed to put his name and info in there. There was a box that popped up where I could communicate by emailing in the box provided but when I asked if I should put his name in the fields the answer came back it didn’t understand. It seems like if you are reporting a fraudulent claim it should pertain to you not somebody else. I’m very confused..

When a person dies how long does the credit bureaus keep the deceased’s credit reports? Do i have to report this to them since he’s no longer living?

Terry Says

Read this article.
Bsically, yes you should report his death – may need to do it by mail and send a certified copy of the death certificate — by registered mail to them.
Make sure his name is not on any of your accounts or listings in your credit report.

If a 1099 comes in Jan, requesting taxes on unemployment benefits he did not get, don’t worry. he is dead. They can’t even try to collect, unless your checking, savings accounts or home are still in his name!! that should have been changed when you created your own new estate plan after his death.

Get on top of all that and you don’t have to worry!



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