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IDES prepaid debit card

By Terry Savage on September 14, 2020 | Wild Card

i received a pre-paid debit card from keybank cards supposedly from il dept of employment security.
i have not been a salaried employee for 35 years and did not make any request for compensation.
i have done nothing to activate this card and when i tried to report it to the places sited in a WLS news article i found the instuctions confusing or they wanted my SS# to which i said no.
can i just shred this card and be done?
love listening to your advice

Terry Says

No, don’t shred it. It could be the tip of the iceberg for identity theft.
Please read this link — and follow the instructions.
And take “screen shots” (by pushing the “prnt scrn” button on your computer, then pasting that into an email to yourself) when you report this fraud to IDES and the FBI.
Follow all the instructions about freezing your credit and READING your credit report to contact any institutions like banks that inexpicably checked your credit report.



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