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IDES Prepaid Debit Card Issued By KeyBank

By Terry Savage on July 23, 2020 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Terry, one week ago I received a KeyBank prepaid debit card from the Illinois Department of Employment Security. I have no idea why I received it. I have not applied for unemployment benefits and I am not expecting an income tax refund from the state. I have been retired almost five years. I have called multiple numbers, but have not been able to speak to anyone. I do not want to activate it until I know why I received it. Any suggestions? Thank you. Love listening to you on John Williams’ show.

Terry Says

DON’T ACTIVATE THAT CARD. But DO freeze your credit report!
This link gives you instructions on how to do that:
(Use the links in this column to all 3 bureaus to freeze your report.)
As well, take a look at your report and focus on “recent inquiries” to see if any banks made an inquiry. That could signal that someone opened a new bank account in your name. Those don’t show up on credit reports, but inquiries do!
Then relax because this is a problem for KeyBank and IDES – but you have no liability. And don’t waste your time trying to report it—because it’s almost impossible to get through their toll-free lines.



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