Ask Terry Questions IDES PUA – was W2 now 1099 for several months

IDES PUA – was W2 now 1099 for several months

By Terry Savage on June 30, 2020 | Wild Card

In 2019 I was a W2 employee through April. Then I had unemployment. In October of 2019 I was a 1099. Then lost my job due to COVID. The way I understand PUA is that I need to get denied regular unemployment first. I filed unemployment and I get a letter saying I used up by benefits (which I did before being a 1099), but it doesn’t deny me so that I can file PUA. I keep trying to call IDES but I just get a message that they have a heavy call volume and they hang up. Any thoughts?

Terry Says

From my reading of the rules, you might have a real problem collecting again. You need to have earned $1600 of 1099 employment money in a 12 month base period — and that must include a quarter outside of the quarter where you earned more than $440 — in order to qualify.
I’m thinking that if you went back to work as a self-employed person in the fourth quarter, there’s no way you could qualify for self-employed benefits on this basis. Sorry.



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