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IDES Seeking Repayment of FPUC

By Terry Savage on January 12, 2021 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Hi Terry – I received a notice from IDES stating that they “overpaid” my PUA benefits and feel I owe them $14,824. Beyond the weekly benefit amount they claim I was overpaid, they also want me to repay the $600 FPUC. If I understand correctly the FPUC is federally funded and any person who was receiving unemployment, was to receive this $600.

Is IDES authorized to recoup this specific payment? I have $0 in income and plan to appeal this “overpayment.”

Terry Says

I deleted some of your personal info for brevity. But you are not alone in getting this message from IDES. It is insane.

And more importantly, it is no longer necessary because the new stimulus bill provides that states no longer are required to claw back their mistaken overpayments!
I’m sure the state of Illinois will soon get around to announcing this. in the meantime, there isa lot of heartbreak among people who used the money to survive!
Sit back and wait. They can’t figure out how to PAY people who deserve unemployment benefits or how to combat massive fraud. It’s nuts they are wasting time on this when it was allegedly their mistake originanlly AND they no longer are required by the Federal govt to do this!



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