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IDES wants a refund!

By Terry Savage on October 19, 2020 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

I contacted you late in the spring re: Summer Unemployment as a teacher for my annual summer job. Whelp, my summer job managing a pool at the local Park District didn’t operate, because of Covid and I did apply and receive unemployment payments all summer. The payments were the same as my normal summer pay, so it was a financial wash for me. I was in contact with IDES the entire time and repeatedly told them that this benefit was for my 2nd job. Last week, I received a letter from IDES asking for an interview on OCT 16 at 9am. By the end of the 30 minute conversation, it was said to me that as a teacher, I wasn’t eligible for benefits after all. I am not going to be fined by IDES because they found my claim not to be fraud, however, I am getting a letter this week stating that I owe them EVERY DOLLAR BACK, equalling about $13,500. What do I do, as I have spent that money paying bills and buying groceries. To be honest, Im losing sleep over this debacle.

Terry Says

Now, you stall — and eventually try to come to a settlement. IDES is so far behind, I doubt that they will start any collection proceedings for at least a year. At some point this may catch up with you — but don’t lose sleep. There are so many people being asked to refund unemployment benefits that I wonder how they can even get money OUT to people who deserve it.

Seriously, the old saying ” you can’t get blood from a turnip” applies here. YOu don’t have the money so you can’t pay. Tough to have it hanging over your head — but if they contact you just say you have mo money. Down the road, if they ever get organized, they may lien your home or your wages — but that’s a long way away and you’ll have plenty of warning.



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