Ask Terry Questions I’m 81 — How much money do I need?

I’m 81 — How much money do I need?

By Terry Savage on August 16, 2018 |

at 81 yrs old with no debit how much money do you need to live out the rest of your life

Terry Says

Well, this is a good question — and I’m glad you asked. But I can’t answer it, because I would need more details!
For example, I would need to know how much money you must spend every month for the basics of rent or mortgage, property taxes, insurance, electricity, phone, food, car expenses, etc.
Have you figured out how much it costs you to live every month?

If so, then at age 81 you only need to know how many more months you will live! And, yes, only God has the answer to that question. And, of course, things can change. YOu might need assistance if you’re going to live alone. And that can be expensive, unless you purchased a long-term care insurance policy years ago.

But if you want a pretty good guess at how long you’re likely to live from this point, go to and take the quiz!

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