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IMRF pension and different job, denied unemployment ent

By Terry Savage on October 19, 2020 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

My wife retired 3 years ago from municipality and draws IMRF pension, she did not work for 18 months, started another job (construction company) full time, Covid came and she was laid off. She drew unemployment. After a while she returned part-time (still not full time due to covid) she is trying to draw unemployment and was told to certify, she could not. IDES sent her 3 letters stating that she is ineligible due to receiving a pension and need to fill out forms . She was also told that she may have to pay back prior unemployment benefits. She was originally told that it did not matter that she was drawing a pension because she was working at a different company. Thoughts???? And Thank You

Terry Says

Two issues: Correct – she cannot get unemployment from from a job at a company where she is receiving a pension. Also correct: She COULD get unemployment based on loss of that second job. If they call you for an interview, remind them of this. She should NOT have to pay back the benefits she received. But they are all uninformed idiots there! So you may need to threaten either the media or a lawsuit. I’m willing to be the “media”!



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