Ask Terry Questions Income from cash..CD rates?

Income from cash..CD rates?

By Terry Savage on January 22, 2024 | Chicken Money

Hi Terry. I heard you on Joan’s show today. I have also heard you on Stan the Annuity Man I realized when I heard today’s show. I texted Joan this question but you ran out of time. I have about a million $ in CDs right now.. 750k is maturing in late April. I see money markets are earning about 5% right now…but rates look like they are going to be tanking soon and I can see them going back to zero. I would love to make 4 or 5 per went on this 750k for the next ten years. Do you have any suggestions or resources? Thanks very much.

Terry Says

I’m not sure you want to lock your money up for 10 years right now, but 10-year treasury notes are yielding 4%. You can buy them at
Read this article on opening an account:

PS please tell me the CDs aren’t all in one bank! that’s way over the insured limits!



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