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Income Levels – – – Senior Living Communities

By Terry Savage on December 21, 2015 | Housing / Real Estate

I am a single retired individual and have been looking at the possibility of moving to a senior (over 55) living community but I am totally overwhelmed when I see their published income levels for single people in that “apparently” my yearly income (about $39,800 gross) does not qualify me for their communities. This is most distressing because my net income is very far from adequate to afford a regular market-priced apartment. I would think that their published income levels should be “net” because that is what one actually has to work with on a monthly/yearly basis. I feel as if I am in a conundrum in that I fall into a “no man’s land” with respect to any choices. Bottom line is that I have no choices at all. Would truly appreciate your advice about this. Thanks

Terry Says:  Well, first of all, don’t rely on their  brochures!  You need to go in and meet with the counselors there and find out what the true costs are of living in this community and how they calculate eligibility.   There may be was to “adjust” your income to qualify.  And your state must have a resource center for seniors, likely the department of aging.  They may also be able to help you find suitable housing.  Don’t give up!



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