Ask Terry Questions Income tax for my disabled son

Income tax for my disabled son

By Terry Savage on November 20, 2023 | Wild Card

I have a 34 year old son with a mental disability. He’s been receiving SSDI since he turned 18. Since then, he’s had some jobs from time to time, earning up to the maximum SSDI allowable amount. I’VE NEVER FILED ANY INCOME TAX FOR HIM. He just started what I hope will be a more permanent job, still only earning up to the SSDI maximum. My question is, should I have been paying income tax for him all along, and/or should I start filing tax returns for him now? I’m worried that if I start paying now, it might open a can of worms to the IRS, making me responsible for back taxes for the last 16 years. What should I do?

Terry Says

If he was living independently, the minimum income required to file taxes is $12,950 in 2023.
But I suspect that he might qualify as a dependent on your tax return. I think you really needto find a sophisticated CPA to handle this correctly.

OR, let me give you one more great resource that could give you lots help. Go to, where Mary Anne Ehlert has created an incredible resource for parents of special needs children.



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