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Income tax refund & Stimulus payment missing

By Terry Savage on October 10, 2021 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

I I have not received my $600 by $400 or my income tax for 2020 do you know anything about this I try to get on the website it isn’t doing me any good I tried calling how do I find out if somebody stole it

Terry Says

Your stimulus check and your tax refund ae two separate things.
For stimulus checks go to the IRS GetMyPayment tool. Here is the direct link.

For your tax refund, go to the Where’s My Refund tool. Here is the direct link to that page.

Now, I’m assuming you’re talking about your 2020 tax return filed earlier THIS year (2021). Tax refunds are still being paid out — plus interest back to April at 3%. If you filed a paper return and did not give the IRS your direct deposit banking info, then you are last in line!

If you didn’t get your $600 stimulus paid out in January of this year, you can claim it as a refundable credit when you file your 2021 return next April (2022).



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