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Independent Contractor PUA

By Terry Savage on May 21, 2020 | Wild Card

Good afternoon Terry,
I listen to you often on the WGN Business Lunch. You are a wealth of information and I thank you!
I have a quick question on PUA benefits for independent contractors. As you know, you had to apply to be denied and then re-apply under the independent contractor PUA. So I’ve received a letter denying benefits (for initial application I’m sure) but received email that PUA looks like I’m eligible. Would I as an independent contractor need to register at the Illinois Joblink and upload a resume? I believe it said that a next step. Also Do we as independent contractors need to do this and upload a resume (I don’t have one) and record work searched for each week. Would we say we called a past client or asked for a referral?
Or is that part for non independent contractors.?
Also asking to certify for weeks prior to March 30? Should I try or just not attempt because most likely will be denied. Just don’t want to upset the system by not doing something.
Thank you so much!
Marianne Brennan

Terry Says

Here’s an honest answer: I don’t know! But this is excactly the kind of question that should be answered by the phone reps. Of course, you can’t get through!
So along with several others, I cut and pasted your question and email — and sent it to the Acting Director of IDES!
Maybe that will get you an answer!



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