Ask Terry Questions internet fraud — horrible scam

internet fraud — horrible scam

By Terry Savage on September 28, 2016 |

Hello, I am wondering if you can point me in the correct direction. I had receeved an e-mail about becoming an Amazon Affiliate - "for incredible amount of commissions per week- $2500. Well, I responded to the e-mail, and well, to make a log story short.. The person that contacted me back by telephone, told me I wouldn't make any money if I didn't put any money in for "advertising".. The e-mail only indicated that it was a small fee for setting up my website... nothing about additional $ for so called advertising. However, even though I am an educated person, I feel for his pitch, and I gave the company $19,900.00- Yes, he said if I put that amount in for advertising.. they would match my $ ,and I would have a total of $40,000. Oh, yes, the extra $100. was also going to be thrown in, by them to make my contribution an even $20,000. Called, the same evening after going to the local Wells Fargo Bank, in my town, and deposited 19,900. and cancelled both the company that as chargimg th fee $399. for setting up "my website", and alo called and called the company that i wrote the check out to, with no response.. Of course no reply back, so I e-mailed them requesting to cancel after, getting back home, scared to death; as I was trying to find a way to earn some extra money to hhelp pay for my only daughte's upcoming wedding. And I had just given this company nearly 20,000 and they were to contact me, that evening to "go over everything".. never happened.. I callled and called for days after still with no rsponse.. Then on one day.. I did reach a man, I had spoke with before... and demanded my money back, and had already received my money back from the company they used to do my website. He told me "You paid for advertising, and that is what you got". We will not be refunding your money. I contacted Ally, and they had said they had of course already cashed the check.. And sugested that I contact the Attorney General's Office out if Arizona, and file a complaint, which I did. However, they contacted me back, sayig they could not do anything unless there were more people with complaints with the company. They would take the complaint, however, when they had tried to reach the company, they would not return the contacts.. Apparently, they are not mandated to.. according to Fed Trade Commission. So they told me they could not do anything personally for me, unless there were many more complaints about the company.. They are not listed under BBB and of course since then have dissolved in that state, and currently have companies in 8 other states, under same person,for llc.. but, not same company names.. or contact numbers.. I am on a fixed budget, and that was nearly all of my savings.. I just need some advice.. Thank you for your time!! Tammie Printz..

Terry Says

Oh my goodness.  You fell for a horrible scam!  The minute you realized, you should have called your bank to stop payment on the check.  I'm afraid there is nothing you can do now.  That's terrible to say, but the scammers are long gone.  And unless there is widespread fraud, the state AGs office is not going to investigate.  Maybe after seeing this post, others will come forward to say they too were scammed, or approached with this "deal."  Local police are totally ineffective when reporting Internet fraud -- but maybe if you give them that number they could try to track it down, since this was clearly theft. It's difficult for law enforcement to track down Internet fraud.  I'm publishing your letter because I hope it will be a deterrent to others who get approached with this kind of fraud, and many others.  Notably these days there are so many other scams -- especially calls saying you owe money to the IRS and better pay up right away.  Sadly, this is a very expensive lesson.  

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