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By Terry Savage on January 17, 2022 | Financial Planning / Retirement

My 38 year old daughter is getting a personal injury settlement. There will be $75,000 that she wants to keep safe but also would like some growth. What type of account would you advise?

Terry Says

A lot depends on her needs, and her ability to continue to work. This is a very personal situation that needs some study. For sure, you will want advice from a fee-only financial advisor who is also a FIDUCIARY — someone who does not sell products and promises to put your interests first. I consistently recommend the carefully selected advisors who fill this description at www.Wealthramp.com. For the time being, when you get the check just put it in a money market deposit account at your bank. There is no rush to invest it at this juncture of the market. And a good advisor will look at all her needs, and her current situation and help to make a sensible plan.



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