Ask Terry Questions Investing at 76 years old.

Investing at 76 years old.

By Terry Savage on March 11, 2017 | Investments

I recall reading your column on starting investing with a small monthly amount, I believe it was with penny stocks. Can you please advise me. Thanks.

Terry Says

Whoa -- there is a BIG disconnect between your headline -- which says you are 76 years old! -- and your question about investing in penny stocks! First, I NEVER wrote about "investing in penny stocks."  That is a wild gamble, and you might have more fun --and better odds -- in Las Vegas! Second, at age 76, unless you have money to burn -- and given your obvious lack of sophistication in investing --I am going to suggest (would like to INSIST) that you leave your money in the bank in a FDIC insured money market deposit account or short-term CD.  You won't get rich  -- but at least you won't lose money.  Interest rates will keep you barely even with inflation.  Please take my advice!



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