Ask Terry Questions Investing during retirement

Investing during retirement

By Terry Savage on August 06, 2019 | Investments

Hi. I’m 65 and retired. My wife is retiring in the fall. We have a substantial amount invested in Vanguard and Fidelity accounts. We also have
about 5 or 6 years living expenses in cash. I’ve
been thinking about getting some out of securities, but I’m clueless what to do with that money to keep it safe, as we couldn’t afford another huge downturn. Anything ideas you would have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Terry Says

I have been writing columns for months and months advising people to consider the downside — and adjust their investments accordingly after a 10 year bull market!  Please search my columns at for two  different types of columns:  “Chicken Money” and “Stock Market”

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