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Investing retirement funds

By Terry Savage on November 22, 2015 | Financial Planning / Retirement

I need to invest retirement funds safely. I have to live off the interest. Invested with one firm and lost a lot of it. They now have it in international I shares , and I am not comfortable with this. I think this company is motivated by commissions at my expense. I talked about no load tax free municipal bonds, and they said we don’t do that. Where is a safe place to go. I’m afraid I’ll end up penniless if don’t do something now.

Terry Says:  OK, you need advice you can trust — and the first thing to trust is your own instincts!  You are in the wrong place.  I don’t know whether this money is in an IRA (a tax deferred account)or not.  And municipal bonds might not be the solution if it is an IRA.  And, you need to remember that “safe” investments are not yielding much these days, likely less than half of one percent!  But surely a change is in order.  I suggest contacting Fidelity (800-FIDELITY) or  T. Rowe Price (866-294-5526)  and they will help you transfer your account (or do a “rollover” if it is in an IRA) and give you conservative advice based on your age, income, goals and risk tolerance.  Neither firm takes commissions — so that is one big worry off your mind!



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