Ask Terry Questions Investing while in retirement

Investing while in retirement

By Terry Savage on January 05, 2019 | Investments

We are in our mid 70’s, retired, and 80% in cash but feel we are losing out on making what we have grow. Any ideas about what we could consider and still be relatively safe? CD rates don’t really provide any incentive for us. We listen to you often on WGN Chicago and appreciate your advice. Thanks.

Terry Says

What’s the incentive you need — NOT losing any money?  That’s a pretty good incentive for most retirees.  And if CD rates aren’t attractive, consider buying U. S. Treasury bills, which are paying slightly more than banks (only because the banks figure you aren’t smart enough to move your money!) Here is a link to that column.

And shall I assume that the remaining 20 percent of your investments are in a diversified stock fund?  That’s not a bad idea, because over the long run stocks offset inflation.  But you have to figure out how “long” your run is likely to be!  Want to speculate:  consider a gold shares mutual fund (Vanguard or Fidelity).  With all this craziness in the world, the price of gold has been rising.

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