Ask Terry Questions Investment of 100k inheritance

Investment of 100k inheritance

By Terry Savage on May 12, 2018 | Investments

Husband and I still working he is 56.I am 60 what can we invest in for growth . we do not need the money want to leave to children..youngest 30.put into reit real estate,pharmacy,health care. Want companies with diversity,solid foundation

Terry Says

If you want a diverse portfolio of solid companies, look no further than the Standard & Poor's 500 Stock Index. And you can buy a low cost mutual fund based on that index at either or  (Don't let anyone sell you anything else.)  Now, understand that over the long run this will be a good investment if America thrives and prospers.  But the stock market always has ups and downs -- and those times can be scary.  So you might want to put two-thirds of it into the mutual fund, and the other third into Treasury bills (see my recent column at my website) and that way you won't panic during a market drop.

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