Ask Terry Questions Investment company charging too much?

Investment company charging too much?

By Terry Savage on December 02, 2019 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Terry, My wife and I are retired and our investments are with TD Ameritrade. They are actively managing our accounts and we’re getting notifications about minor/minimal purchases of stock between $30-$300 in trades. I understand diversity is necessary but I view these trades as ridiculous. I don’t feel safe with them and I just want my investments as set in a safe area and not managed. What would you suggest? Also, we moved from Chicago to Arizona so I was wondering to you had a suggestion for a planner out here? Thank you

Terry Says

OK, lets get something straight. TD Ameritrade does NOT manage money. They provide a platform for investment advisors to manage money. And not all of those advisors are FIDUCIARIES who promise to put your interests ahead of their own. My sniffer says you are not with a fiduciary advisor and need to make a change. You seem to understand that
Now, you don’t need an advisor in your city, but you do need a fiduciary advisor. My advise is to go to and fill out the form. You will be “Matched” with several advisors who fit your criteria. But they do not give our your contact information until you have read about the advisors and agree. Even then, you can have a meeting (in person or by phone) and do not have to do business with them. They are all “fee-only” advisors, so you’ll never have to worry abut commissions again!

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