Ask Terry Questions investment firms. Which is most reliable?

investment firms. Which is most reliable?

By Terry Savage on March 09, 2020 | Investments

Have been invested with major firm and directed toward bond funds. Not sure how to proceed? Thank you

Terry Says

As long as someone is selling you something they may be conflicted. After all, they don’t earn a commission unless you buy! Now, these days it’s easier to sell bonds or bond funds, because of their presumed safety. That’s not necessarily the case. Read my article from two weeks ago, entitled Beware of Bonds.

Yes, bond prices go up when interest rates fall. That’s happened in the past few days as overall interest rates have fallen. But in a bad economy, some bonds could be a very bad investment — and some of those bonds are buried in bond funds!

The one thing no one is selling to you is “chicken money” — bank CDs or money market mutual funds. That’s because there is no commission in chicken money investments like these. So be aware of ALL the risks before you buy bonds.

To find a FIDUCIARY financial advisor — one who puts your interests first and fully discloses all fees and commissions, go to — a matching service for fully-vetted, fee-only advisors.



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