Ask Terry Questions Investment for great grand niece and nephew.

Investment for great grand niece and nephew.

By Terry Savage on December 12, 2018 | Wild Card

Hi Terry, I have a great niece and nephew. What can I invest in for them / buy for them so they will have a little nest egg when they become adults? Please advise. My husband and I are HUGE fans and really appreciate your advise. Thank you, Theresa

Terry Says

Well, I’m glad you’re fans.  You didn’t tell me their ages.  But if they are under age 15, I’d suggest you open a 529 College Savings Account at Vanguard.  They’ll tell you how to do it– and you can keep contributing in future years.  If college is already funded, then you might want to give them a gift of a few shares, or fractional shares, of stock.  Here’s a link to my recent column on the subject of financial holiday gifts, and you should concentrate on the information about Stockpile.



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