Ask Terry Questions Investment in Bread Route

Investment in Bread Route

By Terry Savage on December 21, 2019 | Wild Card

Hello Terry, what is your opinion on bread routes? I am looking to buy one as an investment. Also, do you have any recommendations on good financial advisor who I can count on for many years to come? Thanks

Terry Says

Well, you’ve stumped me! I had no idea what a “bread route” is! I Googled the term and found that people are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars for the “right to deliver bread”?? I have no idea if this is what you’re considering — but it strikes me as a huge investment, requiring what looks like a major-league truck — and some regular early mornings! Not sure what you get for your money on these deals, or how long the route is guaranteed. Or even why major bakery companies would be outsourcing their deliveries!

My search yielded this interesting article on what to know about buying and maintaining a bread route business.

I’ve learned about some strange and growing businesses in recent years through questions from my readers. For example, I never would have realized how big a business it is to sell athletic shoes — Nike, Reebok, etc — in the resale world online. Yet, people are making fortunes. And eSports is now a multi-billion dollar business that I couldn’t believe at first! So do let me know more about your ambitions — and please be careful. Sometimes it’s easier to get in than to get out! (The “roach motel” concept of investing in a business!)



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