Ask Terry Questions Investment in commercial bridge loans?

Investment in commercial bridge loans?

By Terry Savage on February 20, 2015 | Investments

How safe are investments called “Commercial Bridge Loans” i.e. as presented by Jordon Goodman. Looking for your expert opinion. I am a married father of two adult children with a special needs grandchild. I am blind and on disability. I need my money to work for me.

Terry Says:  This is NOT a safe investment.  In fact, I would hardly call it an investment.  The high yields are the tip-off.  These are loans that are too risky to be funded by banks –or will only be funded at very high interest rates.  Those who “let you in” on these products are making a nice commission –so you aren’t even getting a high enough yield to justify the risk!

Remember the “chicken money” mantra:  “I’m not so concerned about the return ON my money as I am about the return OF my money!”

And please read my recent article at about “chicken money.”



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