Ask Terry Questions Investment in marijuana

Investment in marijuana

By Terry Savage on February 10, 2019 | Wild Card

Is it a good idea to invest in marijuana companies? If so which ones should I keep an eye on ? Thanks

Terry Says

I’m going to take a pass on answering that question!  The reason has nothing to do with morality.  It’s just that the existing companies’ stocks have soared since they came public.  It’s hard to create a sensible “valuation” for them — although obviously the potential seems enormous.  But the stock already reflect that!

And despite increasing legality in many states for both medicinal and recreational use — there is a big question about “banking” for these companies — since the use of marijuana is still illegal on a NATIONAL level. And since most banks are chartered nationally — making it impossible for them to handle financial transactions for these companies.

I personally tend to avoid speculating amidst so much uncertainty.  And I may have to eat those words — or smoke them! — sometime in the future!



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