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By Terry Savage on January 04, 2014 | Investments


When I left my company very early in 2000, I had $350k. I went to a very large firm and asked them to manage. I was feeling bullish and assumed too much risk. I lost over $200K quickly.

Since then I’ve used a managed fund approach and that $150k is now only $250k. I also joined a Fortune 50 and have now set aside another $300k. I have a couple of hundred thousand in stock.

I don’t know whether to cash and invest my stock or if I’m getting the best out of money. One wonders when you see the growth figures on some stocks and wonders why I don’t have a great person who is helping me outperform. I’m approaching 64, afraid of retirement and don’t have a clue how to maximize these last few years. I live in the Annapolis area.

How can I find the right person/firm who will look out for me and my maximize the next three years for me? Can you provide me with a couple of suggestions.

Thank you, Patricia

Terry Says:  Thanks for writing.  First, let me say that you don’t need to “outperform” or “beat” the market.  You’ll do very well just “being” the market, tagging along!  I’ve been in the investment business for decades now, and very few money managers or investment advisors continually beat the market over the long period needed to manage a retirement account.

Gosh, you’re right next door to some of the best, and most inexpensive, financial advice around!  Contact T. Rowe Price in Baltimore (see — really next door!) at 800-638-5660,and ask about their retirement planning services.  You’ll work with an individual investment advisor — and it’s about more than just picking funds, it’s about strategizing to build up your assets – -and then making a good plan for withdrawal in retirement.  The consultations are free, so try it – and then please post again and let me know your experience.



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