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Investment/mutual funds — getting started

By Terry Savage on July 20, 2022 | Investments

Hi Terry. I soon plan open an account with Charles Schwab
And look in investment/mutual funds and dividends
With the economy the it is right now
Is it wise to invest more than 200 to 500 a month?
I’m a beginner. And want make sure I start wisely

Terry Says

Whew — will you please spend $15 and buy my latest book BEFORE you start investing. I personally guarantee it will save you at least twice the cost of purchasing the book! Here’s the link on Amazon. You only have to read the first 6 chapters to get a complete answer to your question — including how you should title the account (depending on your work status — perhaps a ROTH IRA) and how to choose funds.

After you read those chapters, please write back with any remaining questions BEFORE you invest!



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