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By Terry Savage on August 20, 2023 | Financial Planning / Retirement

Presently I am using an account that does my taxes and also does my investments. Finally realized how much I am paying in fees because my funds are invested in 14 different mutual funds. I feel it is time to find a new financial planner. Do you know the pros vs cons of using your gal or Fisher Investments ?
Thank you for your time.

Terry Says

Glad you woke up! I don’t have a “gal” — but I do recommend the Wealthramp service, started by my friend Pam Krueger to match carefully-vetted, fee-only, FIDUCIARY advisors with potential clients.
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I really don’t know anyone at Fisher, but they advertise that they are Fiduciaries — and that’s the right start. I also remember they have a $500,000 minimum. I don’t know their fee schedule — but that is something you must ask any fee-only advisor up front.

Also, with an advisor through Wealthramp, you get the entire financial planning services — including income planning, insurance, estate planning etc. Fisher, I believe, concentrates primarily on investments — but gives you “access” to other planning professionals, according to their website. So just make sure you know exactly what your annual fee is paying for, no matter which service you use.

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