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By Terry Savage on June 08, 2019 | Investments

I am 73 and my wife is 68. We use a money manager (Edelman Financial Engines) and pay about $1,300 a quarter. Is it worth paying them when my investments go down when the Dow does. Also we want to move half to something safer like CDs and stagger them so if we need money we will have it.

Terry Says

It’s your money.  And if you want to move half to CDs or Treasury bills (see this article) then just have them send the money directly to your bank account and do your own “chicken money” investing.  You certainly don’t have to pay for that.

As for your quarterly amount — you should pay no more than 1 percent annually — So you figure it out.  Your fees will drop when you move to cash — and thats probably a good idea at your stage of life.



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