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By Terry Savage on July 15, 2019 | Investments

Read with great interest your column on the long run in Sunday’s paper. You recommend stepping back and analyzing your risk. My wife and I are 71 and retired. Our investment portfolio is about 25% in equities and the rest in bonds and other fixed investments (all with TIAA-CREF). In general , do you feel we are in a good position, or should we perhaps move some out of this portfolio which represents about 90% of our overall savings?

Terry Says

We will only know that answer in hindsight! But since you sent in this question the stock market has gone on to make new highs!  I think you are very conservatively invested.  But to make sure your entire plan is on track, why not meet with a FIDUCIARY financial planner — one with your best interests at heart. He/She will ask about other issues — your spending plans, the potential cost of long term custodial care, your estate plans and other issues.

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