Ask Terry Questions IRA annuity vs. brokerage IRA

IRA annuity vs. brokerage IRA

By Terry Savage on April 10, 2024 | Financial Planning / Retirement

When my husband passed away our accounts(maybe 403-B’s) were put together into one IRA account for me. I thought is was just an IRA, but it turns out it is an IRA annuity. I am turning 73 this year so I need to take out my RMD. The person handling the account is suggesting that I change the account into a brokerage IRA. Is this something I should do? What is the difference between them? Also I have another IRA somewhere else. Would it be a good idea to combine the two accounts. Thank you very much for your views.

Terry Says

Whoa! You have been ripped off once. Dont’ let it happen again@!
You need a fee-only FIDUCIARY advisor — who is not trying to sell you something, and who can look at what you have and give you impartial advice.

Please go to (read this article) and you’ll understand how Pam Krueger can match you up with a knowledgeable person you can trust. When you fill out the form online she will call you and talk to you, so she knows what you need.

I get nothing out of this but the knowledge that you will be in good hands. Please do it now –before you do anything else!

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