Ask Terry Questions IRA investing

IRA investing

By Terry Savage on May 08, 2014 | Investments

What would you do with Ira funds? I have a reg. invst. adviser now. I’m a senior with no time to play with the market.

Terry Says:  I wouldn’t be “playing” in the stock market!  If you have limited funds, you’ll want to keep them safe.  You don’t need an investment advisor to do that for you — just leave the money in the bank, earning almost no interest. At least you won’t lose any money.   If you think you will have money “left over” after your death, then you can afford to invest some in a diversified mutual fund.  Again, you don’t need an investment advisor to do that.  Just contact Fidelity or Vanguard or T. Rowe Price (look them up online) and open an account an equity-income fund with a part of  your money.



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