Ask Terry Questions IRS – 2021 Return

IRS – 2021 Return

By Terry Savage on March 19, 2023 | Taxes & Economy

I made a mistake on our 2011 Q4 estimated tax payment. I put our pass through LLC ein in our check instead of our ss#. Long and short, the IRS “found” the check in their unidentified remittance file. This was back in January. They said it could take 30 days for it to transfer into our account. In Feb, I got the runaround and they said they see it and will get the request to transfer – again another 30 days. I spoke to someone again yesterday who said “I see they found it on 1/24 and will send the processing dept a request to transfer. Give them 30 days”. At this point I’m angry and pushed back. Now a tax advocate is going to call me back within 2 weeks (no they do not give out their number). We just keep getting pushed back with no resolution and no way to escalate the issue. Do you have any thoughts or ideas on how I can get this done once and for all? We’re talking an $80,000 estimated tax payment. Thank you very much! I listen to you on WLS every chance I get.

Terry Says

OMG — please wait the two weeks, and if you still haven’t received word of transfer, write back to the email you receive announcing that “your question has been answered.” Give me your full name on the account, and describe the problem. And any records of conversations you had. Also your telephone number. I will try to pass this on to the IRS — but they’re a lot tougher to deal with than Treasury!

Oh, and create an account at the IRS before they phase them out:
Use the link within this column to find the place to create your account. At least you’ll have an update on what’s happening and it should show a record of all those contacts on this issue.

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