Ask Terry Questions IRS Amended return

IRS Amended return

By Terry Savage on October 09, 2023 | Taxes & Economy

A CPA filed my Illinois & IRS tax returns for 2023 in April. However, she failed to include my document showing my 18% withholding for the 403B. The IRS penalized me requiring a $1545 payment which I submitted July 6, 2023. She paid the $15.16 penalty. According to the CPA a total of $2100 is due back to me. ($1545+$555)I am still waiting. Every time I ask her where my refund is, she says it is still in process. What can be done? Also, I believe the CPA should return her fee of $250 to me; do you agree>

Terry Says

Well, that was her mistake — and it was good of her to refund the penalty. If you want to keep her on your side to process your refund, I’d suggest you refrain from asking her to return her fee! It could take a while, and you might be better off including it as a credit for your 2023 return, which is due next April. Just ask her for a copy of the adjusted return she filed, showing the refund due. You should have those documents in your possession.



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