Ask Terry Questions IRS and my son

IRS and my son

By Terry Savage on June 28, 2019 | Taxes & Economy

I own my home, no mortgage. My son lives with me. He has a good job. Years ago he stopped paying taxes to try to save a real estate investment. Now the IRS has caught up to him. Can they take my home from me?

Terry Says

They can’t place a lien on your home if he is not listed on the title.  BUT, this is the perfect time for you to drag him to a CPA who is qualified to represent him in tax court.  I don’t know the details, including how old he is, and if he was paying you rent, but some of those details could open you up to a hassle — and really ruin not only his credit, but his life.  Do not let this drag on without seeing competent counsel.    Click on this link to find an “enrolled agent” to represent him:




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