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IRS Refund

By Terry Savage on September 20, 2020 | Wild Card & Pandemic Related

Hi Terry, I contacted you earlier this year regarding my stimulus check being $240 instead of $1200. I have another issue. I still have not received my IRS refund. When I saw the standard message that it was delayed, I tried to find a contact number and when I tried to enter my information again, I am now getting a message that I am providing my incorrect name, social security number or amount owed. Tried several times. There is no contact number to get in touch with anyone. Do you have any advice? Thank you so much for all the great work you to during this painful year.

Terry Says

The IRS told me they are trying to get all refunds paid out in September. With interest back to April 15th Will you wait a few weeks and write back to me. At that point I will try to pass it on to my contact at IRS.
TWO mistakes from them would have me worried too. Did you ever get the extra stimulus money — or was it because they used 2018 income tax return and you were above the limit? if you were below the earnings limit on 2019, then you can take a credit next spring when you file your 2020 return.
Please give them a bit more time — then do write back. I’ll remember your name.



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