Ask Terry Questions joint tenancy in an unmarried situation

joint tenancy in an unmarried situation

By Terry Savage on July 12, 2014 | Housing / Real Estate

I live in a new townhome for the last 9 years with my boyfriend…our intentions were to marry and build a future, that didn’t happen..for some time now I wanted out and when I tried to sell he practically threw the real estate person out..that was 3 years ago..i left once and came back realizing that wasn’t practical for me to rent somewhere when I own a home. Is there someone I can speak with about selling my house. a “buy out” is not an option. He appears to act like he’s not going anywhere..on the other hand, I need to go.

Terry Says:  I have one BIG question.  In whose name is the house titled?  Is it in your name? Are you alone on the mortgage?  If so,  you can kick him out.  Now you may have a “tenant’s rights’ issue.  So I suggest you get an attorney to do the paperwork, threatening to sue HIM if he does not remove all of his property by a specific date.  But that could drag on.

Here’s another choice (used very successfully by a woman I know)  if you want to be aggressive, and if the house is truly yours:  Call a mover, rent a storage locker, move all of his stuff into it –and keep the key to the locker.  Then CHANGE THE LOCKS!  Take the bill for the move/storage and tell him you will give him the key when he gives you cash to pay those costs!

However, if you don’t own the house individually, if his name is on the mortgage deed or title, then you really need a good attorney to file suit to get him out. And that’s the reason we wrote The New Love Deal.   This is such an interesting situation — please write back and let me know what happens!!



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