Ask Terry Questions Key financial indicators are inverted — sell?

Key financial indicators are inverted — sell?

By Terry Savage on June 21, 2020 | Investments

What does this mean and why is this so dangerous, with this in mind should I pull my money out of market for now
I’m 70 and retired and have 250+K in my tax deferred annuity

Terry Says

If all your money is in a tax-deferred annuity, it really doesn’t matter what the market does. YOu’ll get the return they give you –assuming it is linked to some sort of index. And when you eventually go to take the money OUT of the annuity, you’ll only withdraw from the “income account” since you can’t take the market gains out of your annuity! If you can still find your annuity salesperson, ask him/her to explain that fully! (Best to start by asking how much you could take out right now — and that way you’ll see the limitations I’ve described above!
If you have money OUTSIDE your annuity, I would suggest that the recent rebound will give you a chance to become more conservative and sleep better at night!
Don’t rely on “market indicators” — they go every which way!



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